Ms. Rima has a Ph.D. from Georgetown University in Linguistics and has taught Arabic for prestigious institutions like the State Department. She is a specialist of the Arab world in the field of culture, politics, religion and business. Dr. Rima has extensively collaborated with Arab media (Dubai TV) and the BBC as a journalist. She masters the Levantine (Syria, Lebanon. Jordan....etc), Egyptian, Gulf (Koweit, Saudi-Arabia, Yemen...etc) and Iraki dialects perfectly. Her gentle and dedicated teaching style has made wonders with many diplomats and businessmen going to the middle east. Learning Arabic with Dr. Rima seems to be very easy. She has a gift to make simple and very logical what could seem complicate and abstract. 

We personally recommend her for Business and Government executives who wants to learn well, fast and thoroughly Arabic as well for in depth cross-cultural training dealing with all the historical, business, religious and political aspects of the Arab cultureS.



Mr. George Rateb is a talented Arabic teacher from Egypt. He has been teaching with us since 2001. Holds a degree from the University of Cairo. His students love the way he makes entertaining and pleasant the study of the sometime complex and hard Arabic language structures. Very patient he knows how to adapt to the different learning paths of our students.

He has taught CNN Journalists sent to Iraq, C.A.R.E. associates, Secret Service employees and U.S. Army officers as well as many other professionals who needs to learn Arabic for Career advancement.