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           Prof. Inaie has degrees in linguistics as well as finance and international relations. She is renown Brazilian intellectual and has written many books about globalization, finance and economics. Besides being a wonderful language teacher, she is also a very good business consultant and can provide to companies and individual who are looking to do business in Brazil very insightful and helpful advise.

          Check Prof. Inaie Sanchez articles written in Folha do Sao Paulo (the best Brazilian newspaper!) and practice your Portuguese!

          Check Prof. Inaie Sanchez book about globalization : Understanding Globalization


Ms. Regina Nunes graduated with a bachelor of arts degree in Romance languages (English Literature & Portuguese) from FEOB in Sao Joao da Boa Vista, Sao Paulo .

Ms. Regina has experience in teaching kids, teens and adults since early 90’s and her charisma and outgoing personality makes her students feel very comfortable in learning Portuguese.