Ms. Laura


Ms. Francesca

Ms. Francesca is a native instructor from Italy. She hold a linguistics degree and has been working in the educational field form more than 5 years. Her very warm and vivid teaching style has enchanted students who are preparing a trip to Italy or need to be ready for doing business with their Italian counterparts. She is also a talented translator and interpreter. (Conventions in Georgia and in Italy)


Mr. Alessandro

Mr. Alessandro is a native instructor from Italy (Rome), he hold a Master from Columbia University (New York) and a BA from Rome University (Italy). Talented foreign language instructor he has been teaching languages for American government agencies as well as individuals and corporation. Very knowledgeable in the fields of economics and international relations, he is also a specialist in Cross-Cultural training and could help your company to venture in the Italian market. His very keen knowledge of the Italian legal system (he worked for the supreme court in Italy) and his experience in international business make him a state-of-the art corporate trainer. Mr. Alessandro also provides interpretation and translation in the Business and legal field.

His student are also delighted by its wide culture that makes him a true renaissance.



Ms. Lia


Native instructor from Roma. She has taught at the University level Italian and hold a master degree. She can teach both regular classes and business Italian.