Mr. Khai

Mr. Khai is a native speaker from China (Mandarin) and has taught Chinese at the University Level in England. Very talented instructor, he is patient and know how to listen to the inner pace of his students. It seems that Mr. Kai is the preferred Chinese instructor of our student body. He is also an interpreter (he worked in Irak long time ago) and a translator. More than 20 years of experience teaching

Ms. Ming

15 years of experience teaching Chinese, native of Beijing with a BA in Teaching Chinese as a foreign language. Very gifted instructor whose techniques makes easy and natural the pronunciation of the tones and the memorization of the Chinese words.

Ms. Hsiu

Ms. Lu

Ms. Xiaoni Li


Ms. Bing


Ms. Lu

Ms. Lu is a native speaker from China (Mandarin) and hold a Master degree. She has taught Chinese in the USA as well as in the Japanese school system. Her knowledge of Computer Science & Business made her a wonderful corporate trainer. Very dedicated instructor she use with talent the modern technologies in order to help her students learning Chinese. She is also a translator and an interpreter as well as a cross-cultural instructor.