Group classes welcome a maximum of 8 students for quality purposes. A small group will allow you to practice more conversation and ask questions to your instructor. Your teacher will also have a more personable relationship with you and will be able to customize the class according to the need of his/her students.

The reason why many individuals did  not have a positive experience with language classes in High School or at the University is due to the size of the class (15, 20, 30 or more students per class). They barely have the chance to practice the language they were learning.

At the Language Institute of Atlanta, we put the stress on a close and productive relationship with the teacher as well as the participation of the student during the class. We expect dedication from the teacher as well as from the student because we give them the best tools for their success.

The group class is more economical than a private class and still allow the student to "share" the teacher with a small number of students

In a group class you get the possibility to interact with other people as well as learning from the attempts, mistakes and successes of your fellow students. You will enjoy practicing Role-Plays with them that are very beneficial for building your language skills.

Group classes for corporation will be customized to the needs of the company, you will learn what is necessary for your own business, instead of loosing time with useless information.  Language Classes at the Institute Location are for people who want to get a general knowledge of a language from the beginner level to the advanced fluency level. But specialization is gotten through corporate, semi-private or private classes.



Semi-Private group classes offer the same benefits as the private lessons: Flexibility, intensive program available, & customized instruction.

You set the number of student, the time, the location,  the frequency, the teaching style and the content




If your budget allows it we advise you to take private. You will learn faster than in a group.

We recommend private lessons to business people who need to focus on technical terminology and specific business situations. Private language classes can also include some Cross-Cultural training elements.

Private lessons will also be beneficial for student who have learned a language few years ago but who need to refresh their knowledge. They can save time and money by taking few private classes in order to get what they need  to be able to join a higher level group class. Instead of going to Beginner 101 they may be able to start at the Intermediate 201.

Students with learning disability will find that a dedicated and caring private instructor can make them learn what would have been to difficult in a group class.

Flexible Schedule:  You can schedule your class almost anytime you want.

Flexible Location: You can take the class at the institute, at your home or your Office. A fee may apply if the teacher has to go outside the institute.

Flexible Methodology: The private lesson allows the teacher to go at the pace of the student and respect its own psychology and learning way. Nobody is bad at learning language, everybody needs to find the right key that open the door of their learning ability. Our private lesson teachers will create your OWN key in order to make you fluent in a foreign language. You may also request a specific learning style: Immersion, Conversational, Grammar and writing focus...etc

The private classes allow you to schedule a very intensive learning pace. From 2 hours a week to 8 hours a day. Discount apply for intensive private classes

We can customized the class to your own needs: French for Cooks, Italian for fashion designers, Russian for lovers of Russian literature, Japanese for Martial arts fanatics, Romanian for diplomats, Farsi for Military, German for college students, Chinese for Historians, Spanish for travelers, Arabic for oil industry workers, Ancient Greek for Philosophers.....and even Brazilian Portuguese for Romantic purposes!!!  With the the private lesson structure we can help you to reach fluency through many different paths a

Example of customized programs:

We taught engineers from Siemens how to deal and converse about technical subjects with their German counterparts.

We helped a Historian to learn how to read French archives and history book in order for her to write a travel book focused on XIX century history. She did not learn conversational French but was able to read and understand academic writing in a short time.

We assisted a group of tourist to prepare an expedition in China and master conversational Chinese as well as the basic Chinese characters.

We set a program for a diplomat (State Department) who had to relocate to Romania. We focused both on an extensive language program involving terminology used in international relations and on the cultural elements (history, arts, traditions, cuisine, politics...etc) that will be necessary to know in order to interact efficiently with its Romanian environment.

Many other customized language programs has been designed by the institute for the benefits of individuals or corporations with specific needs.